im a noob =VH= fan i guess, i got into their stuff in late 80s early 90s (when dlr already quit). saw =VH= show in 2004 when they briefly reunited with sammy hagar, the rest of the band (Alex, mike, & sammy) was awesome except eddie. he was sloppy and drunk as fuck, tripping and falling on his guitar cables and stuff, i remember seeing bunch of people walking out while he was doing his solo, maybe its because all that weird awkward noises coming out of his 5150 amps, wtf i dunno. but anyway that was my first time seeing =VH= live. eddies performance on kimmel live recently was badass,
eruption / you really got me : https://youtu.be/loCSuOovbnE
hot for teacher : https://youtu.be/921Yul1rsWY
panama : https://youtu.be/R6RaoMXV87Q
runnin w/ the devil : https://youtu.be/HNrIUagLaZQ
but its painful to watch and listen to david lee roth and wolfgang’s backing vocals. i love dlr era of =VH=, but eddie, alex, mike, and sammy is still my fave =VH= lineup.