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Happy New Decade 2020

the ’10s are over, lol i dont care if you think 21 is the start of a new decade. Whatever it is its not off to a good start, flooding in Jakarta & surrounding areas on the 1st day of the year, the bush fires in Aussie, the US & Iran conflict, etc. We also lost some of the greats recently, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), and Neil Peart (Rush), RIP, Thank you for all the music you gave to this world.
So 2019 was a pretty fun year for me, hopefully there are still more fun waiting for everyone this year. Still slowly writing/demoing/tweaking new materials, i’ve set deadlines and that it’ll be done this year for sure, mark my words lol, until then, to whoever is reading this post, yall be kind and take care of one another.

July 2019 Update

nope, i havent given up music …yet
recently had @phutuparkerjkt re-fretted & @ervpedals rewired my guitar, it plays and sounds awesome now. currently working on one song, still not settled on things here and there. which’ll be sorted out in near future. Some progress…constant change…work in progress, loving it