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getting around

getting around / going to places in jabodetabek is friggin tricky these days, its not the 90s anymore. population has tripled (or more), every household has a car (or two) and/or motorbike/s (scooters), yet most of the roads/streets are still the same as it was in the 90s.
Im a public transport user since i was in school, im not a fan, im only a user. When i came back here around 2010, i was amazed of how crowded everything and everywhere was. almost everywhere looked ghetto as hell and it still is. Everyone told me that i have to buy/credit a motorbike/scooter to get around if i wanted to save time and money. its a good advice, and it makes perfect sense, but im a stubborn sob. i didnt wanna be just another dude in a helmet in a sea of motorbike riders every fucking day. nope, no fucking way im participating in that shit. id rather sit in a crowded angkot/bus/train than that, and now that i have a low cost green car (that i limit myself using it to once-twice a week), here i am, 6 years later still using shitty public transportations to get around.
there has been some improvements made in public transportations, specially in jakarta, but the amount of people compare to the amount of public transportation is not ideal. the introduction of motorbike taxis like gojek and grab bike has made commuting much easier, simpler and cheaper. im a user/supporter of this kind of transportation method, i always use em whenever im in jakarta, saves time, i dig it, always good service, no complaints what so ever. but good things don’t last. jakarta being #1 worst traffic in the world, law makers (CAN’T count on these people tho) need to start finding a way to limit cars and motorbike sales, the roads are getting too fucking crazy packed. it’ll only get worse as population grows. so go use public transportations, and dont make too many babies, im done writing this for now…

we lost a great one, Prince (1958-2016), #RIP

One Thousand Unseen Hands

thats the title for this new track, i think some knows where i got this title from. little clip of it can be heard on the sounds page (my soundcloud page). tuned half step down; chugga-chugga guitars mixed with hard strumming, still working on it.
another update :
Pat sent me his bass track for Collecting Dust and its awesome
NUFC stays in the bottom 3
im eating coconut cookies

november rain

its mid november, the smell of rain and “bau apek” is here no new music since the last post…august, lol i have no excuse, yea ive been lazy.
planing to do some cleaning up and upgrade on my machine and saving up on an equpment -> the bass.
ill be back with some more music and finish this project soon…hopefully soon